Mobile phones and mobile applications

This phones to your friends or colleagues and earning a commission from ourselves. The commission payable depends on the model of phone and tariff chosen - you could, however be earning over £110.00 per phone connected on a basic £25 per month tariff. It could be as much as £480 per phone!

Example: The RRP for a Nokia 6610i phone is £0.00. If you were to sell one of our Nokia 6610i phones onto Your Plan 120 we will pay you your commission plus you keep whatever you sell the phone for. That's a potential of over £110 profit for just a little bit of paperwork!

We also supply accessory packs for the phones that we sell, containing a Leather Case, Car Charger and Personal Hands Free. These cost you £5, when their retail price can be around £30. Whether you sell these to the customer, or provide them free (take £5 out of your commission), they will make the whole package more tempting (Limited to one pack per connection).

Mobile Business


Mobile Business: MX was formed in 2001, and to date has recruited members from across the mobile and wireless industry. The member companies work with a variety of technologies and provide solutions and services across a range of industry sectors - including healthcare, local government, central government, retailing, distribution, manufacturing, agriculture, consumer lifestyle and marketing.

Please note this website is in no way associated with MX Alliance or any operation or organisation called Mobile Business